Maintenance Tips

Beat The Heat: AC System Maintenance

For those of us who enjoy our Rivs during our sultry Gulf Coast summers, an AC system that performs properly is imperative to our comfort and enjoyment. Typically, it is one of the few systems on board that must operate full-time regardless if our boat is underway or at the dock.

Do You Have A Dirty Bottom??

Nothing will rob our boats of performance and efficiency more than a fouled bottom. On the Gulf Coast marine growth can be excessive especially in areas of swift moving water. Marine growth typically responsible for fouling hull bottoms include algae, sugar coral, barnacles, various crustaceans and in extreme cases oysters.

The Best Tool To Carry On Your Boat

What's the most useful tool you could ever have aboard? You'll be surprised when you find out that it's something everyone has, even when they are not on a boat.

Wash On, Wash Off

Our Riviera’s have one of the best finishes in the industry. Add to that their timeless beauty and we have boats that will stand tall for years and years among the rest. The finish does require maintenance to keep it looking like new.

What Is That Smell???

The list of olfactory offenders on our boats are numerous. The one that “steams” to the top of the heap is always the head system. However, one might be surprised at the most offensive components on board that will not pass the sniff test.

Putting Her To Bed For The Summer

Many of our Northern friends are used to winterizing their boats. Here on the Gulf Coast, many of us utilize our boats in the winter months when mild temperatures arrive with abundant sunshine and little chance of rain. Snowbird season is generally considered to be November through April. We find however than many folks are staying through May so as to enjoy some of our summertime adventures as well.

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