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4400 Sport Yacht
Riviera's 4400 Sport Yacht from SYS
Riviera 4400 Sport Yacht for Sale
Innovative Thinking for Unrivalled Pleasure

In our proud history we have produced many new yachts, but none has challenged traditions or questioned the assumptions on which boats are generally built quite like our Sport Yacht collection.

This is especially true of the Riviera 4400, a boat rich in innovation.

The story starts with the revolutionary Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS), a technology that features steerable drive units with counter-rotating, forward-facing propellers. Rather than ‘pushing’ the boat along as with conventional propulsion, the boat is literally ‘pulled’ forward through clean and undisturbed water.

The result is superb handling, a remarkably tight turning circle and thanks to an intuitive joystick, docking control and other close-quarter manoeuvres are delightfully easy. What’s more, IPS uses up to 30% less fuel than conventional drive systems.

With the standard diesel horsepower ratings available, you can also look forward to a thrilling ride: racy, responsive, yet soft and dry.

The hull is equally noteworthy. Not only is it designed using the latest CAD software, which contributes to the outstanding hydrodynamics of the hull, internally the hull is divided into three compartments – including a collision bulkhead forward.

Given the contemporary styling, sumptuous comfort and long list of luxuries that are to be found on board the 4400, you will no doubt be tempted to cruise far from the madding crowd – and with a 1,500 litre (396 US gallon) fuel tank, it is certainly equipped to help you do just that. However, it is knowing that this is a vessel with impeccable structural integrity, a vessel that can handle the vicissitudes of life at sea, that makes it possible to sit back and truly relax.


Length: 15.12 m (49' 7")


Beam: 4.58 m (15' 0")


Draft: 1.11 m (3' 8")Standard


Power x 2: 435 hp


Range: 306 nm @ 29.7 knt


Sleeping Capacity: 5 persons


Cabins: 2

Bathrooms: 2

*Content provided from factory website

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